I Wear Many Hats

I Wear Many Hats

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Four years ago today, I packed my life into a suitcase and took a jet plane to San Francisco. Two days after that, I started working for Macworld. I’m writing this as I fly in the opposite direction, back toward my Boston home, after two days in San Francisco that were simultaneously the best and the worst of my career.

On Tuesday, despite being smaller and leaner than ever before and amidst myriad Internet issues, our six-person Macworld team rocked live coverage of Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Apple Watch.

Jason, Dan Moren, Phil Michaels of TechHive, and yours truly were on-site to blog and snap pictures; Chris Breen, Dan Frakes, Roman Loyola, and Dan Miller (along with Susie Ochs and Leah Yamshon of TechHive) worked tirelessly back at our home office with our cadre of freelancers to prep news stories and FAQs.

It was only the second Apple event I’d ever been invited to, outside of WWDC this year, and I went into it knowing it would be my last with the Macworld crew. I had no idea it would be their last, as well.

I’ve loved every second working for Macworld’s editorial staff. These are some of the best folks in the business, and they took a 22-year-old Apple-obsessed tech enthusiast who didn’t quite know what she was doing and helped her evolve into a full-fledged reporter. I am so grateful to every one of these people—both for what they’ve meant to me as my friends and as my colleagues. Working in this field is a dream job.

But over the years, I’d become less and less impressed by the way our parent company has handled both Macworld and its other media brands (not to mention their loyal audiences). Journalism will never be a cash cow, but there are plenty of ways to make it profitable and self-sustaining so that it can do what’s most important: educate readers, enrich lives, and build some really fantastic content. IDG’s upper management used to recognize this. I don’t know if it does anymore, doubly so in light of what happened yesterday.

So I made the (hard, sad) decision last week to move on from Macworld at the end of the month. I’m happy to say that I’m not leaving the tech community: I’m very excited to start working with Rene Ritchie and the wonderful folks at iMore very soon. I’ve been a huge admirer of their work, and I hope I can help bring more great writing to an already stellar team.

I can’t say that what happened yesterday shocked me, but it was certainly surprising and saddening. I think the world of my colleagues and though I know they’ll land on their feet, it’s not news anyone wants to hear.

And while I may not be thrilled with our parent company, there are still amazing people working at Macworld.com that are worth your time to read and listen to. If there’s anyone who can keep Macworld insanely great amidst budget struggles and management turnovers, it’s Chris Breen, Susie Ochs, Leah Yamshon, and Caitlin McGarry. You may not know all their names yet, but give them a chance. They’re some of the best.

I’ll continue writing and editing at Macworld until the end of the month; after that, you’ll be able find me over on iMore.com.

It’s been a great four years, Macworld. Now, on to the next great adventure…