One of the downsides of pretty much entirely switching over to my MacBook Air for daily use is that my music collection—a good 20 days’ worth of audio or so—has largely sat stagnant on my MacBook Pro. I tried installing a Home Sharing hack early-on to stream my music at work, but it was finicky, and not really worth the trouble.

Today, since I was working at home, I figured I should actually use the 15-inch—and along with it, my music library. And lo and behold, what do I rediscover but the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack. (Which I love.)

So, during lunch, I decided to record a cover of “Worried Shoes” (which is actually in of itself a cover of a great Daniel Johnston song). No video, because I was lazy/not feeling great (also known as “working in my pajamas”).

EDIT: Tumblr is apparently telling me I’ve (finally) hit 100 posts on this damn thing. So here’s to a hundred whole posts of nonsense and hattery. And to a hundred more.

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